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    Which fellow athletes inspire you and why? from Julie Bond on Facebook Every runner is inspired by Paula Radcliffe, and I am no different. She has achieved incredible things over her career, which are yet to be challenged and her dedication and passion for the sport speak wonders! As for current athletes. I am surrounded […]

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    Run Worcester goes back to school to encourage a new generation of runners


    The organisers of this year’s Run Worcester events have announced details of an initiative designed to encourage both school children and their teachers to take up running. When they sign up enough pupils to the Worcester Young Athletes Run, schools can secure free places for their teachers on the Worcester City 10K.  The school that […]

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    Getting Over The Hurdle Of Disappointment

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    There is nothing more heart breaking than missing out on an opportunity you feel you deserve. The most upsetting fact is that even when you do everything that is required of you, fulfill all the commands and put yourself there – to be turned away without a specific reason or understanding as to why.. leaves […]

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    Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

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    Last week, it was announced that JO PAVEY was going to be running in the Worcester City 10km! Last year Paula, this year Jo.. It is amazing how such high profile and inspirational athletes are going to be/have taken to the streets of my home town! As an aspiring athlete it is incredible to be […]

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    European champion JO PAVEY signs up for the 2015 Worcester City 10K


    The organisers of the Worcester City 10K have revealed that one of the UK’s biggest athletics stars will take part in the race this year. Jo Pavey, European 10,000m champion and two time Commonwealth Games medallist, will line up when the event is held on Sunday 20 September. Jo Pavey provided one of the sporting stories […]

  • The D word

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    It would be unusual if you hadn’t seen athletics in the headlines at some point this week. Of course, it would be great if I could say it was due to some fantastic performances at the Diamond League in Birmingham (which there were plenty!) but alas that’s not to be. It is such a shame […]

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    Chasing Challenges

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    A challenge, or an opportunity? I guess thats like asking if the glass is half empty or half full. It depends how you perceive it. Personally, I think that every challenge is an opportunity and every opportunity is a challenge. Bit of a tongue twister that. This week I raced over 5000m for the second […]

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    Mental toughness

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    Everyone has a different idea of the meaning strong. To some it is how much you can lift, to others it is how far you can run, but I feel the true strong is your mind. Mental toughness is an expression that has been flying around for a long time now, but I wonder how […]

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    Live Simply. Dream Big. Be Grateful.

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    It seems all too easy to recognise the negatives and  ‘downers’ that are going on in our lives and forget about anything positive or happy which may also be happening alongside. I guess thats human nature. But someone pointed this out to me this week and I’ve decided that instead of only taking the negatives, […]

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    Back, inspired and thankful

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    I don’t know about you, but watching the London marathon on Sunday inspired me more than ever to continue at the sport that I love. Watching Paula Radcliffe complete her last 26.2 miles of competitive running was something I won’t forget. To think that I have looked up to her since I started running, had […]

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