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    Taking the rough with the smooth

    Nesbitt's Nibbles, Training Blog

    I thought that as I was sat here wishing I was out running I would update my blog. I was unfortunate to pick up an achillies niggle last week, and this has meant that I’ve had to become a bike lover and swimming fanatic! Thankfully I have great support from 206 Physio therapy who have […]

  • Jenny is returning to the track

    Back on track and techno geekery

    Nesbitt's Nibbles

    Its over! My rest week that is! I’m now back on the grind and I am loving it… It is strange how such a short period of time away from what I love doing can make me so desperate to return, but I guess that’s a good thing. Having some down time got me thinking […]

  • Jenny intercounties
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    Jenny’s Jog Blog: Home counties and daytime TV

    Nesbitt's Nibbles

    Hope you are all getting on alright and that you have entered (or in the process of entering!) the Worcester City 10km. I always find it is good to enter races a while in advance as it gives me something to aim for and work towards, meaning my motivation always stays high!  I’m excited at […]

  • Jenny wins
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    Jenny’s Jog Blog: Meet Jenny!

    Nesbitt's Nibbles

    Hi everyone! I guess I should start by introducing myself really… They always say its a good place to start! My name is Jenny Nesbitt and I am 20 years old. I’m a Worcester girl and a running fanatic. In fact, when I say running fanatic, I mean I’m the one you will see running […]

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    Ed signs up for big return

    Runner's Stories, Training Blog

    With just a few days left of our Early Bird entry offer, one man to get his entry in early really stood out for the Worcester City Run team: our first wheelchair athlete home in 2014. Ed Grazier is a force to be reckoned with, an athlete with 25 years of racing experience who has […]

  • 2015-Launch2
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    2015 Event Launched with Aims to Grow in 2015

    Worcester City 10K, Worcester City Run Bike Run

    Organisers have revealed plans for the 2015 Worcester City Run events.  In a partnership involving Worcester City Council and athletics legend Steve Cram, this year’s Worcester City 10K, Run-Bike-Run and Young Athletes Run will be held on Sunday 20 September.  The events made their debut in 2014, with thousands of competitors taking to the streets […]

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    Run Mummy Run… to Worcester!

    Runner's Stories

    At the age of 40 Julie Bond (above, centre) decided to take up running and confessed that she immediately struggled. Sheer determination finds her today 3 years on working as the Community Ambassador for the West and Midlands for the Running network “Run Mummy Run” with several half marathons and 10ks under her belt, and […]

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    New year, new running, new you!

    Training Blog

    Runners often set themselves new targets as soon as they have reached their previous one, but the new year is always a good time to take stock and set yourself a new goal for the year. These are a few targets you might have in mind, and a few things to think about depending on […]

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    Top ten gifts for runners

    Training Blog

    1. GPS a must for every runner. Be prepared though, we will bore you to death with stats and the novelty will never wear off. 2. A good base layer to see us through the winter. 3. A head torch because standard high vis gets boring. 4. Compression gear tops, tights, socks. They are like […]

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    The rules of winter running

    Training Blog

      There’s a twisted part of many runners that makes them relish running when anyone else would think they are insane. The runners that go out at 4am to squeeze their miles in before work, runners that run on Christmas Day, snowy days, their wedding day…but all runners secretly love the winter runs. Here are […]

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