Run Mummy Run… to Worcester!

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At the age of 40 Julie Bond (above, centre) decided to take up running and confessed that she immediately struggled. Sheer determination finds her today 3 years on working as the Community Ambassador for the West and Midlands for the Running network “Run Mummy Run” with several half marathons and 10ks under her belt, and plans to run her first marathon in October. Julie believes that without running and RMR she wouldn’t be the happy, positive and confident person she is today. Julie’s voluntary role with the popular group involves creating opportunities for local girls to meet up and run or for a chat, while RMR also arrange meet-ups before races allowing these ladies lots of opportunities to cheer each other on.

“I’m a Worcester mum with a very busy job and running gives me the opportunity to have some time to myself and think things through”
Run Mummy Run is a running network for women all across the UK. It was founded in December 2012 by a running Mum to enable women to chat about everything running whilst gaining the support and motivation of other women. It has grown massively and social media presence to say the least is noteable. At present RMR has over 7500 Facebook followers and a strong growing Twitter community of over 5300 followers. Run Mummy Run offers a helping hand for beginners, advises ladies who are returning to running after having a baby, and offer support right through to those training for marathons and ultras. RMR pride themselves on being friendly, supportive, positive and safe (and you don’t even need to be a Mummy!) If you’ve seen a group of girls running at your local event in crazy compression socks or compression guards, it’s likely they are part of RMR. Hashtag this and you will see hundreds of photos of ladies proudly showing their legs in them!
“I loved at Worcester 10k last year when a man in the crowd shouted ‘Come on Mummy socks!’at the finish” says Julie, “it’s good to know we are being noticed”
The RMR girls are expected to be a big presence at this year’s Worcester 10k as they were in 2014. There has already been a buzz around the @worcesterrun Twitter amongst RMR girls as they discuss and plan meetings and training leading to the September event. Julie tells us “We are expecting a great turnout of RMR girls from all over the Midlands at Worcester 10k. There was such a great energy there last year”
Julie herself cannot wait. When asked ‘why Worcester?’ She replied:
“Worcester 10k was the best race I ran last year. It was a great combination of a great flat route that really showed off the beauty of our city, the excitement of running with Paula Radcliffe, fantastic weather all topped off with it being really well-organised with a wonderful atmosphere. It’s the little things that make a difference with races and Worcester City 10k really had it all”
We wish Julie and all the Run Mummy Run team the best of luck for Worcester and for a good year of training. We will look out for your crazy socks!
Julie (right) with other RMR girls at Worcester 2014

Julie (right) with other RMR girls at Worcester 2014

A RMR weekend away!

A RMR meet up

Run Mummy Run welcome new members. For more information follow them on Twitter @run_mummy_run or join their closed facebook community at 

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