The rules of winter running

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There’s a twisted part of many runners that makes them relish running when anyone else would think they are insane. The runners that go out at 4am to squeeze their miles in before work, runners that run on Christmas Day, snowy days, their wedding day…but all runners secretly love the winter runs. Here are some top tips for running when nobody else would.

1. Weather always looks worse through a window: even if it looks horrendous out there, just go. Tell yourself you’re only going to do a mile. I bet you will do more.
2. Layers! Layer up and make sure you have gloves and a hat or at least something to cover your ears up. Practice with what works for you, don’t over-dress because when you sweat you’ll just get colder.
3. Deal with the wind. It’s only wind. Best get the headwind over earlier in your route, relish the tailwind on the way home.
4. Be seen! Hi visibility clothing is so in this season. You don’t need a hefty jacket, you can buy high vis snap-bands for your ankles and arms, and lightweight headtorches are around £5 from outdoor shops. You can’t imagine how amazing you feel running with a headtorch on.
5. Run with others. Running with a club or with buddies can motivate you to get out there in the first place and they can take your mind off the fact that it’s lashing down, you’re freezing, and all you want is a cup of tea in front of the fire.
6. Get changed. As soon as you finish your run, change into dry clothing as soon as you can. Ladies, that includes your sports bra. Despite how cold you might feel it will still have collected sweat and as your body temperature comes back down you will feel it.
7. Enjoy it. You are doing what lots of people wouldn’t dream of doing, and that’s what makes it extra special.

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