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Time to get my head down!

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That’s it, summer is over. Well it never really began weather wise, but for me winter training can now commence. Part of me is overly excited about this and part of me is slightly apprehensive about the inevitable freezing November morning runs. Anyhow, the time has come to get my head down and press on, and I can’t wait.
For a few people, this is the last month before the Worcester 10km and if you are anything like me you will be looking forward to the day. Last year, the weather was perfect, so let’s hope that can be replicated this year! Either way though, it is sure to be a great day.
It can be hard sometimes in the build up to a race to have faith and believe in your training. Has it been sufficient enough? Have you covered enough miles? Have the sessions been good? And so on…. You need to trust that what you’ve been doing will ultimately help you to achieve you goal, whether that is a certain time or to just complete the race, every goal is just as big as the next. If you start trying to change things around too radically, it is a prime opportunity for things to go wrong. This may be illness, it could be injury or you might become just too tired to perform at your best. On the other end of the scale, totally decreasing your training and ultimately becoming a ‘couch potato’ won’t get you any closer to your goal either. You’ve got to get the balance right, hold the belief and prepare with excitement.
Getting the ‘balance right’ is probably one of the hardest aspects of training and being an athlete. “Too much of a good thing is bad” is certainly the truth when it comes to training. “Everything in moderation” is also the case to. Having a biscuit with a cuppa in the afternoon is fine, but a whole packet is out of moderation. It’s the same with training. Having a few hard days is great, but continuously pushing your body to the limit is too much. This is the same the other way around too, although I can’t imagine many of you would be at that end of the spectrum!
So whatever you’ve been doing so far, you need to keep that in mind. There is no point in trying to become the next Mo Farah, if you have only been running 4 times a week. There is nothing to say that this won’t ever happen, but realistically you’ve got to give yourself time and not expect miracles to happen! Of course, you’ve got to believe you can also, a little bit of confidence can contribute to a lot over the course of a 10km race (but obviously, ‘too much of a good thing is bad’ so you need to remember to keep your head screwed on!)
There is still about a month to go yet, you all have no excuses! Get out there, get some running done, play it sensibly, and most importantly have some fun, this stuff isn’t meant to be punishment!
Maybe see you out there,
Jen xx @jennynesbitt

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