Top ten gifts for runners

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1. GPS a must for every runner. Be prepared though, we will bore you to death with stats and the novelty will never wear off.
2. A good base layer to see us through the winter.
3. A head torch because standard high vis gets boring.
4. Compression gear tops, tights, socks. They are like a cuddle for our aching bits. We know they aren’t sexy but we love them.
5. Good socks they don’t have to cost the earth, they just have to not rub our poor feet up the wrong way.
6. Decent earphones such as YurBuds can really make a difference. Nothing is worse than faffing about with earphones that fall out all the time.
7. Trainers in fact no, money or vouchers for trainers that we can buy ourselves and get just right.
8. Race entry we will honestly love you forever for this. Just check we haven’t already entered and doesn’t clash with anything we are doing.
9. Anything we can eat especially cake. We are earning that in this weather.
10. TIME. Please let us escape for our runs during the Christmas holidays. Yes even on Christmas day if that’s what we want. We promise we are in better moods- in fact no- we are better people if you let us.

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