“I am looking for any opportunity to showcase my wonderful city”

It’s race week!

Here’s 10K ambassador Steve’s blog on the final countdown.

“It’s getting close now, the road closure signs are up! As a lifelong resident of Worcester, I am looking for any opportunity to showcase my wonderful city. 

I am seeing lots more runners out on Sunday mornings along the riverside, many with last years Worcester Run event tops on. Also people are running the route in anticipation of the big day. 

Speaking to a friend that did this, he was upset that he did not break the hour for the 10k, I reassured him that on the day, with adrenaline, with crowds, with the other runners and with closed roads, that sub 60 mins that seems so elusive now, will be a bit easier.

If you cannot take part in the event, I advise you to help out. I did in year 1 and it was a humbling experience.
See you on the start line!”

Steve https://twitter.com/runswhenhecan?lang=en-gb

Volunteer via email to voluteers@eventsofthenorth.com

(We won’t make you do press ups)

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