“You’ve got this, you can do it!”

You’ve got this, you can do it!

I sit here writing this, thinking about what is to come in about three weeks’ time. My first half marathon “effort”, having only previously completed one at an easy pace (albeit dressed as an acorn). Having not tackled the distance “in anger” there’s lots of doubt. I will no doubt set myself a time target, but will I do it? Have I got it, will I do it?

You’ve got this, you can do it!
This year I’ve met up with more people than ever taking part, partly through the excellent Start Me Up For Worcester sessions. Each of you has been putting in the training miles and kilometres, I know that you’ve got this. You can do it.

Most of all, what I’ve noticed is that we have such a great community of runners in Worcester. There has been so much enjoyment, so much fun, so many smiles. It’s infectious. You want to tell other people how great it is. I’ve seen so much support of each other, when people are feeling down about running, struggling with illness and injury, you have been there for each other. When you don’t feel like you have, someone is there and know that you’ve got this, you can do it.

So is this the year you’re tackling 10k or the half marathon for the first time? This year, I completed my first ever triathlon (then my second), something I never thought possible a couple of year ago. Trust the training that you’ve put in, enjoy these last few weeks in the lead-up and know that you will do it.
Are you aiming for a PB on our excellent courses that are definite PB material? Just the other week I set my parkrun PB by two seconds (they all count!)
Again, know that you’ve put the efforts in to achieve what you want to achieve. You can do it.
Regardless of times and first time distances, I’d encourage you to get to know some new fellow runners in the Worcester running community.

They’ve got your back. But they’ll also help you enjoy your running more than ever.

-Chris https://www.instagram.com/cpettifer/?hl=en

Sign up for the final Start Me Up for Worcester bonus run here: https://worcestercityrun.com/start-me-up-for-worcester-final-bonus-session/

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